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The Genie of the lamp
Saudi Arabia
Hi! I'm the Genie! I've been pretty busy, since Al and I saved the world from the evil sorcerer, Jafar! Anyways after that happened I Traveled the world!(Since I'm now a free genie!) after that I came back here! So since we're just now meeting each other, here's some more about me!

RPed by::iconagmplus360:


Genie, Big Blue.






Well, Genie is certainly one to make people laugh. He likes to be silly and strike up a joke or an impression, but deep down inside, he's a bit of a sweetheart. He's a sucker for a happy ending and has a soft spot for the nicer people. However, even if this is so, Genie is one to think that there's good in everyone. A peacekkeeper of sorts, trying to bring out the better, more likable side of those who may not be the kindest. His happy go lucky nature certainly helps with that. He also seems to have a warm spot for romance... Definitely believes in the one and only, though isn't too sure whether he'll find it for sure, since he can live eternally, and most others can't. However, there are times that can get him angry... It's usually when he's being protective of those he cares about and fighting for them. Fighting with a friend shouldn't be taken seriously, he tends to act more sadly if having a real arguement with a bud.


Genie is... well, a genie. He can do whatever you wish of him. Literally.


Uh, well there's not many habits or hobbies, Genie. However, habits he has tends to range around trying to help and give advice where he probably isn't wanted and doing impressions at the wrong time...


Well, Genie is a magical being that can do whatever he wants... That can sometimes lead to trouble for him. Why? People want his power! Genie goes to the villains to try and bring out the warmer side. And... it doesn't always work out the way he planned. ^^; That and he's now one people come to when they need help. This can sometimes go wrong as when he's nervous he's... well... he could get things wrong... It doesn't quite help either that he's prisoner to the lamp. He must obey whoever his master is, no matter how crude or how evil. Sure, he'd like to have a good, but that wouldn't happen now, would it?


Well, he wouldn't say pet. But Aladdin is his master :iconwdisneyrp-aladdin: He also is very close with the magic carpet, Abu, and Jasmine. He feels closest to Al though.

Similar Characters:

Eden :iconwdisneyrp-eden:She's a genie. Timon & Pumba :iconwdisneyrp-timon::iconwdisneyrp-pumbaa: They're comic relief in the Lion King, and Genie... well he's played by Robin Williams, nuff said. Dr. Facilier & Ursula :iconwdisneyrp-facilier::iconwdisneyrp-ursula: Only in the sense that they make people's deepest desires come true... just... in different ways is all

Closest Allies:

:iconwdisneyrp-aladdin: :iconwdisneyrp-jasmine: :iconwdisneyrp-abu: :iconwdisneyrp-eden:


:iconwdisneyrp-jafar: :iconwdisneyrp-mozenrath: :iconwdisneyrp-mirage:

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*finds a lamp on the ground* Ooh! Pretty! *takes it downstairs*
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((GEEEENIIIIEEEEE!!!!! *squees*))
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*finds the lamp while he's cleaning out his attic*

Hmm... whadda we got here?

*rubs it*
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*he's exploring agrabah when he sees some drop a lamp in front of him* ex-excuse me you dropped your-*he examine the lamp and rubs some dust off it *
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*walks through the desert only to trip on a lamp* OW! Who places an oil lamp in the desert near the Oasis?! *picks it up* Looks kinda dusty. *rubs the sand and dust off the lamp*

((Now i"m the master of the lamp!))
DryBowzillaJP Oct 26, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
You rock ^^
Wandering through the market place of Agrabah, Hercules curiously scans the multiple vendors, hoping to find something good.  It had been a while since he'd last been in Agrabah, and he was hoping to find something to take back with him.
*Is setting up a stall in the Agrabah market*

Whilst wandering through the jungle, Terk stood on something metallic. "OW! What the - " She looks down at the lamp, and picked it up, and looked curiously at it. "Wow, what is this thing? Looks like some of the junk the Professor has..." she squinted at the inscriptions on it. Jane had tried to teach her to read English, and despite the fact that she wasn't fluent, Terk knew this couldn't be English. The signs were too curly and swirly. Terk scrubbed at the inscriptions with her furry arm.
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((Your webcam... my favorite part of the movie... my favorite sentence... ))
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